Agile Travel Technology to Increase Sales

Membership databases, timeshare leads and first-time resort guests all present unique obstacles for inside sales, upsells and cross-sells. Create sales scripts for call agents from dynamically generated lead data and implement automated email vouchers, confirmations or info packages.

Robust Lead-Management Travel Software

Timeshare ownerships & timeshare exits, hotel-membership logistics and contact databases from vacation resorts can complicate lead-management processes for call centers and sales offices in the tourism industry.

Take advantage of XenCALL’s powerful tools in lead gathering and lead inventory for travel and tourism to streamline your opener and closer queues. Utilize custom CRM profile fields, enhanced lead-targeting technologies and third-party lead posting to boost close rates.

Powerful Data for Call Center Productivity

Track sales calls, agent performance and campaign success in your travel call center with detailed reporting data, call monitoring and live sales-floor maps to optimize close rates for timeshare resales/exits and increase sales efficiency at tourism agencies or vacation resorts.

CRM Software for Travel & Tourism Sales

The global travel industry grows at an average annual rate of 5%, but consumer options have skyrocketed and travel agencies, DMCs, hotel-property companies, resorts and timeshare resellers face an uncertain economy. Managing growth while reducing operational costs of contact centers and increasing sales productivity is essential for high ROIs and more lead conversions.

Seize the benefits of XenCALL’s predictive dialer CRM software for travel and tourism companies to contact leads more efficiently and contact more leads overall. Whether you're selling vacation pacakages or timeshare exits, XenCALL's multiple opener/closer queues intelligently route calls to optimize your call center's sales funnel. With XenCALL’s blended inbound/outbound dialing features, such as automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR) and a built-in webphone, your business can improve sales and travel telemarketing to sell more timeshares, hotel rooms, vacation packages and holiday rentals while staying ahead of the competition.