Solar CRM and VOIP Dialer

Streamline Your Call Center to Sell More Solar Panels


Best CRM to Sell Solar Panels

XenCALL’s best-of-breed, VOIP-platformed CRM is browser-based and customizable for multi-user access and ease of use. Automate emails to consumers about local solar-panel subsidies, implement strategic lead targeting, cap calls-per-agent ratios and more to increase sales fast.

Customizable CRM Profiles for Field Reps

Call-center agents can customize settings and populate customer profiles on the go with data on local utility rates, energy providers, finance options and proposals, and trigger info to field reps with seamless Google Calendar and Gmail integration.

Easily consolidate desktop and in-person sales. Assign tailored meetings on the fly to high-performing field reps without overlaps, track appointment bookings per call agent, manage multiple regional calendars and evaluate sales metrics to optimize conversions for solar panels.

Solar Design Software With Google Maps

Automated Google Maps integration provides your agents satellite views of leads’ homes or businesses in real time on the call. Draw and calculate rooftop surface areas, estimate installation specifications and customize sales approaches to increase conversions.

Solar Call Center Software for PV Panels


The industry for photovoltaic cells and solar-panel systems is growing at a compound annual rate of more than 60%. Your team needs the infrastructure to expand with the market, seize sales opportunities and maximize productivity. Benefit from a powerful CRM system to manage leads, gather analytics and increase profit margins.

Close more sales of solar panels for residential homes or commercial businesses over the phone - without the need of a clunky phone system. XenCALL's all-in-one CRM and predictive dialer allows your team to collaborate and engage leads more effectively than with traditional landlines. Based completely in the cloud, grow your sales presence with live floor monitoring, call-agent transfers, built-in instant messaging and much more.

Association of Energy Services Professionals

XenCALL is a member of the Association of Energy Services Professionals.

To recognize the contributions of XenCALL's predictive dialer CRM software to solar panel suppliers and roofing companies, XenCALL is a proud member of the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP), a not-for-profit association dedicated to improving the delivery and implementation of energy efficiency and alternative-energy products.