More Inside Sales for Capital Renovations

From landscapers to home remodelers and HVAC contractors to roofers, converting leads into satisfied customers quickly is essential to success. XenCALL’s best-in-class predictive dialer offers blended inbound/outbound dialing and a built-in CRM to improve sales up to 300%.

Seamless Appointment-Setting Software

Efficient appointment-setting software integrated with your call center’s web-based dialer can make or break your sales team’s close rates. Booking appointments and sending quotes for HVAC sales, roofing jobs and landscaping projects are essential for sustained revenue.

Streamline your productivity with XenCALL’s appointment-setting features. Call agents can easily manage and share appointment bookings, sync with Google Calendar and utilize extensive data fields to notify outside sales teams of developments, all within XenCALL’s cloud software.

On-the-Call Google Maps Integration

Estimate quotes and provide your sales reps with instant analyses of a lead’s exterior property with Google Maps integration for your home-improvement sales software. Cultivate leads when mapping roof and yard surfaces while on the phone with homeowners and property managers.

Home-Improvement Call Center Software

Delivering unparalleled customer-service and sales experiences when marketing major landscaping jobs or HVAC systems increases conversion rates in more than 80% of occurrences. Strategically targeting leads and blending sales processes with appointment bookings empowers call centers for capital-renovation service providers to outperform competitors and grow sales productivity.

XenCALL’s all-in-one predictive dialer and CRM is the perfect solution for improving HVAC inside sales, enhancing B2B utilities management or closing more B2C landscaping or roofing leads. The best software for home improvement, XenCALL offers advanced features such as dynamic sales scripts, agent-specific folders, custom callback calendars and third-party lead posting for increased revenue and improved efficiency.