Best-in-Class Insurance Agency Management Platform


Close More Insurance Leads

Contact insurance leads quickly before the competition with predictive-dialing technology. Increase your call center’s conversions with automated third-party lead posting, custom lead targeting, agile reports of inbound lead providers and detailed lead-penetration statuses.

TPV for Healthcare Insurance Sales

HIPAA, FCC and TCPA regulations for selling health insurance require sophisticated sales verification procedures, safeguard consumers’ privacy, prohibit industry “slamming” and limit the permissible amount of abandoned calls from contact centers.

Protect your business with our indexed third-party verification (TPV) feature and automated CPA-capping to record all stages of the verification process, shield your agents from miscommunicated consumer-account changes and comply with telecommunications rules.

Nurture Health Insurance Leads Effectively

The vast majority of health insurance consumers consult an average of 12 resources while comparison shopping over a period of four weeks or longer before converting. Strategize your call center campaigns with XenCALL’s custom profile fields and detailed analytics tools.

CRM Software for Healthcare Insurance Sales


As the healthcare insurance industry shifts from B2B to B2C dominance due to changing economies, insurance providers slow to adapt witness an average drop in health plans of over 10%. Implementing a powerful, all-in-one CRM software can optimize your call center management processes for selling health insurance directly to consumers to seize the opportunities of a changing market paradigm.

XenCALL functions perfectly as a health insurance verification software and call recording software with its advanced TPV capabilities, and its full interactive voice response (IVR) feature allows you to create tailored health insurance sales proposals based on dynamic rules that you set. Sell more insurance plans with the best cloud-based predictive dialer and CRM for a hassle-free sales and customer-management experience to maximize the ROI of your call center.