Fast Third-Party Lead Posting

When obtaining auto-warranty leads from the DMV, car dealerships or third-party vendors, automated lead posting into a dialer CRM is key to improved warranty sales. XenCALL’s built-in CRM fully integrates with lead providers for comprehensive and real-time lead posting.

Custom Dialer Speeds to Increase Sales

Time efficiency is an important KPI at any call center for selling auto warranties. Benefiting from the powerful features of a VOIP-dialer software to maximize the amount of time your agents talk on sales calls with leads is essential to your bottom line.

XenCALL’s predictive dialer CRM system does the heavy lifting for you. It automatically adjusts dialer speeds throughout the day to match both agent availability and productivity with a capped dialer-speed ratio of leads to agents.

Cultivate Leads With Targeted Criteria

When using XenCALL’s predictive dialer technology to sell auto warranties, you can customize criteria based on lead data and sales funnels to strategically nurture and target potential buyers automatically.

CRM Software for Auto-Warranty Sales

Auto-warranty call centers that rely on advanced telemarketing campaigns to sell car warranties need the right inside-sales software to manage their leads effectively and grow their ROI. Call agents need to know the small details about the vehicle each lead drives, the status of their previous warranty deal, buying histories and more. With a cloud-based predictive dialer and CRM, you can target leads tactically based on this data from anywhere with an internet connection.

XenCALL’s outbound predictive dialer offers call centers a powerful CRM to manage warranty leads and optimize sales, custom disposition capabilities to overview call outcomes and plan follow-up sales actions and powerful analytics tools to measure agent productivity and close rates.