Resetting passwords

Resetting passwords

Admin accounts are the only accounts able to reset account passwords. To reset the password of a user:

  1. From the Dashboard, click on Users in the Manage section.
  2. Double click on the user whose password you are resetting.
  3. Enter a new password in Reset Password to.
  4. Click on Reset.
What are the minimum password requirements?

There are no minimum requirements for your password in XenCall.

Who can change their passwords?

Anyone has the capability of changing their own password, but only users with administrative privelges (managers) have the ability to reset other user's passwords.

I have forgotten my password.

If you are trying to log in using an agent account, you can just ask your manager to reset the password for you. However, if you are the manager, then the only people who have the ability to reset your password are other managers or XenCall.
For security purposes, we will need to identify you before we will reset a manager's password. Talk with your XenCall account manager about setting up an Authorization PIN so that if you forget your password, a technical support agent will be able to reset the password for you quickly and easily when you give them your Authorization PIN.