Availability modes

After logging in you can change your availability mode using the drop-down menu located at the top center of the screen, to the right of the Search box.

Creating availability modes

  1. From the Dashboard, click on Settings in the My Account section.
  2. Click on Agent Options.
  3. Click on Alter Availability Modes.

Depending on how your manager has configured the availability modes, the mode you are on may determine:

  • Your availability to take calls.
  • Whether you are on inbound or outbound.
  • Answering inbound calls automatically.
  • Whether you are on paid or unpaid time.

Note: Your availability mode may change automatically depending on set timers and mode configuration determined by your manager. Check with your manager for details on specific availability modes.

While managers can add, edit, and configure availability modes as needed, some common availability modes are listed in the following table.

Status Paid / Unpaid Queue availability Recommended use
Prep Work Unpaid Unavailable for calls Automatically Assigned Upon Login
Ready Paid Available for inbound + dialer Primary Status
Break Paid Unavailable for calls Coffee Breaks
Lunch Unpaid Unavailable for calls Lunch Breaks
Training Paid Unavailable for calls Training
Meeting Paid Unavailable for calls Meetings
Aux P Paid Unavailable for calls Auxiliary Paid
Aux U Unpaid Unavailable for calls Auxiliary Unpaid
AFK Unpaid Unavailable for calls Away From Keyboard
Last call Unpaid Unavailable for calls Used for logging last call of day (stops dialer)
Inbound only Paid Available for inbound Assigns agent to inbound only
My agent has been waiting for several minutes already, but is not getting any new calls.

Make sure that the agent is not on “Wrap Up mode”. You can verify this by going to the floor map and looking at the status of the agent. Check if there is an open lead profile on the agent’s system, and disposition the call. A new call will not come in if there is already a profile open.

My agent has finished their break time but is not available to be taking calls.

You can manually change their mode from the Floor Map. There are also time restriction options in Availability Modes that can change the mode of a user or users if they spend too much time in a certain mode in total or at one time. This can be used to switch them to a mode that is unpaid until they come back and change their mode to a ready mode. You can set and change these options in Alter Availability Mode.

I do not want my agents to be able to go into any other modes then the ones I want them to be in.

In the "Alter Availability Mode" screen, if you click on a mode, you can choose whether or not the mode can be "Selectable" or not, thereby hiding your agent's ability to select it. You can also limit how how long agents can spend in a given mode (like Break for example) as well.