Upload leads

The main way that leads are imported into XenCALL is by uploading a lead list in either excel or csv format (http lead posting is also available).

Uploading your file

  1. From the Dashboard, click on Leads in the Manage section.
  2. On the top right, click on Upload Leads.
  3. Double click on your lead file. Click OK to confirm uploading the file.
  4. This opens the Lead upload confirmation page. Match each line in the CSV Field column to the correct field in the Internal Field column.
  5. On the right side of the page you can rename the lead file, choose the campaign to import the leads into and choose advanced de-duplication options. The default de-duplication mode will ensure that you do not upload duplicate leads into the campaign you selected.
  6. After adjusting the import settings, click on the Done – Import leads button to upload your leads into XenCALL. For large lead files you will see progress statistics in the top of the Lead Management window.
  7. After the upload finishes a pop-up window will display confirming the number of leads that were successfully uploaded. Click on the pop-up window to see more details.

All leads are initially uploaded into the General Leads queue which is the dialer. If you refresh the Lead management window by closing and reopening it, you will now see the new lead count in the General Leads queue.

Tips on field mapping

  • The Phone Number field is important in XenCALL. It is the main lead phone number that the dialer calls.
  • If you have uploaded leads into XenCALL before, then you can simplify the field mapping step by scanning for any yellow stars, since the previous values are remembered.
  • We recommend that you use the Any Phone Field option for all of your lead file's phone number fields. This will ensure that if the lead file has an alternate number but no primary number, XenCALL will shift that alternate number in to your primary phone number field.
What kind of lead files can I upload?

You can upload lead files in .XLSX or .CSV format. CSV files upload faster than XLSX files. TXT files are treated as "tab separated value" files. ZIP and TAR.GZ files are also accepted as long as there is only one CSV or XLSX file within them.

What if the system was not able to automatically find a matching field?

Whenever the system cannot find a matching CRM field for a header, it will alert you with a star. You will then need to click on the internal field drop-down menu to select the correct CRM field.

If I make mistakes with my upload can I delete the list?

If you have already started dialing the list, then deleting and re-uploading it can cause issues such as duplicate customer profiles. To avoid this, we recommend only removing lists that you have not called. Another option is to call tech support to evaluate that file's potential impact on your business process.

Can I change the lead file name?

On the right side of the “Lead upload confirmation” window you can rename the lead file. By default, the file name is the same as it was on your computer, but you can give it a more descriptive name or add a date. This will adjust how the file displays on your reports. Just below that is where you choose the campaign that the leads go into. You can also create a new campaign.

Can I change the “De-duplication mode”?

Yes, on the “Lead upload confirmation” page under Advanced Options you can change the “De-duplication mode”. Move the mouse over the help tip next to “De-duplication mode” for an explanation of each option. The default setting will prohibit duplicates from being uploaded into the selected campaign, and will also scrub against the internal do not call list.

Can I pre-scrub against the NDNC, State and Litigator DNC lists?

If you are using our DNC.com integration, you can choose to pre-scrub against the NDNC, State and Litigator DNC lists.

What if there is no matching CRM field for a column of data?

If there is no matching CRM field for a column of data, then you can select “New Text Field” from the dropdown menu and create a new CRM field in XenCALL with the header name. However, please consider if the information is useful for you to retain since many lead companies provide excess amounts of information.

What if I do not map anything to the "State" field?

If you do not map anything to the “State” field in XenCALL then it will be filled in from the area code automatically.

What if my file has a “Full Name” field rather than “First Name” and “Last Name”?

If your file has a “Full Name” field rather than “First Name” and “Last Name”, then map it to either XenCALL's “First Name” or “Last Name” field. XenCALL will split the name between the two fields if you only map to one of the two. If your “Full Name” field lists the “First Name” first, then choose the “First Name” field, otherwise choose the “Last Name” field.

Can I combine two columns of lead data into one CRM field?

You can combine two columns of lead data into one CRM field by selecting the same field for two different columns of data. XenCALL will load both columns of lead information into the selected CRM field with a comma separating the data.

What do the yellow stars mean?

Whenever the system cannot find a matching CRM field for a header it will alert you with a star. You will then need to click on the dropdown menu to select the correct CRM field.

I see the word “Unknown” repeated. What should I do?

If you see the word “Unknown” repeated, then your file doesn’t have a header row ('first name', 'last name', 'phone number', 'address', etc), and you will probably want to exit the upload page by clicking the “X” in the top right corner, and then open the file in a spreadsheet program to add headers.

What if I do not want to upload certain data fields?

If you do not want to upload certain data fields, then choose “Don’t Import” beside those headers and the system will not upload that data.

Should I make a new campaign for each lead file?

No. The reason for this is because every time you make a new campaign and upload a new file into that campaign, the system does not check for duplicates from your previous uploads. This means leads can be called more times than they should, and when you disposition a lead as something that would disqualify it from being dialed, the duplicates are still eligible to be dialed. Duplicate scrubbing does not occur accross multiple campaigns, so you do not want to create a new campaign for every lead file that you upload.

One of my managers does not have access to playlists. What should I do?

From the Dashboard click "Leads". Then click "General leads". Now, on the general leads page, click the edit share settings box (green button with white "<" symbol) at the top left of the general leads window. Now select "Share with user" and give that user Read/write access by clicking the " ~ " under the read and write columns twice each until a green circle is represented for each.

I want to pass leads from another system into XenCALL. Is this possible?

Yes. We can turn on Third Party Integration and post leads into our system from a form either manually or using a script. You just need to enter the campaign that the leads will go into in the provider field on the form. Please email support@xencall.com for more information.