Speed settings

When viewing the General Leads queue, you can select a dialer speed for a playlist by moving the mouse cursor over the current speed to reveal all of the existing speed plans. The selection of Queue default means that the playlist will use whatever speed plan is chosen as the Queue Speed on the Configuration tab for the General Leads queue.

Automatic speed

When Automatic Speed is enabled for a speed plan, the dialer will still start off by following the speed plan's sliders (discussed below). After 2 calls have connected (been answered and not detected as an answering machine), the dialer will begin to adjust the CPA (Calls Per Agent) based on the Abandon Threshold. It will aim to keep the abandon rate at the Abandon Threshold you set. Raising the threshold will result in shorter wait times between calls while lowering the threshold will make wait times longer.

Automatic Speed works better with larger numbers of agents. It is designed to avoid overreacting to a sudden drop in the answer rate and causing a lot of abandoned calls. If the answer rate quickly falls, then wait times will become longer for a few minutes as the dialer slowly speeds up in reaction to this.

To Enable Automatic Speed (this can also be done from the General Leads/Edit Queue: General Leads/Configuration tab)

  1. From the Dashboard, click on Settings in the My Account section.
  2. Click on Lead distribution.
  3. Click on Edit Background Dial speed settings.
  4. Click on Enable Automatic Speed.
  5. In the Abandon Threshold box enter a number.
  6. Click on Dial faster when below threshold if you want the system to dial faster when below the threshold.
  7. Click Dial slower when above threshold if you want the system to dial slower when below the threshold.
  8. Click on the Save Changes button to save your changes.

How to configure a speed plan

To configure a speed plan open the speed configuration window as per steps 1 - 3 above. You can edit an existing speed plan by selecting it from the drop-down menu or create a new speed plan by clicking on the New Plan button.

A properly configured speed plan dials faster when more agents are waiting. This is because lower answer rates result in more agents waiting at the same time, and so justify a higher speed, while fewer agents waiting means the answer rate has gone up and the dialer should slow down to avoid abandoned calls. Any slider that is improperly configured, i.e. has a lower CPA than the slider to its left, will be displayed in red to indicate that the configuration is not logical.

What do the sliders do in "Speed configuration"?

The sliders for a speed plan determine how many calls per agent (CPA) will be dialed when a particular number of agents are simultaneously waiting for calls from a playlist. Each slider, other than the first one on the left, has two tabs that can be moved. The light colored tab adjusts the CPA while the dark colored tab adjusts the number of agents. The first slider on the left is always for one agent. After you have made your adjustments, don't forget to click the blue "Save Changes" button near the top of the screen.

Why is there only one tab on the first slider?

The first slider is the system default set to one call per agent (CPA), this can be increased to allow more calls per agent. However, the number of agents for the first slider is always locked to one.

How are the number of calls calculated?

For a slider, the number of agents logged in and waiting for calls is multiplied by the CPA giving the total number of calls at a time.

What happens if I have more agents waiting than I have defined for sliders?

If there are more agents than what is defined for the right-most slider, then the system will use the CPA of the right-most slider to calculate the total number of calls at a time.

How can I remove a slider?

All sliders other than the first one on the left can be removed by clicking the red 'X' below the slider. After you are done removing the sliders that you don't want, click the blue "Save Changes" button near the top of the screen.

Why are my slider numbers displayed in red?

Any slider that has a lower CPA than the slider to its left is improperly configured and will be displayed in red to indicate that the configuration is not logical.

What is the abandon threshold?

The abandoned threshold is the % of abandons the dialer will aim for while automatic speed is active.

I have leads, but the dialer is not connecting calls.

From the Dashboard, click on "Dialer report". If the "Calls to connect" is over thirty, you will want to check the health of the lead lists. From the Dashboard, select "Leads". Then from the "Lead Management" window, select the "campaign" tab and then click the campaign name under "Regular Campaigns" and take note of the health of each lead list. When the health of a lead lists drops, it is telling you that the leads in that list are old and most likely not going to answer. This is a good indication of when to upload new leads.

How do the sliders work when editing the speed configurations?

The sliders are indicators of the speed at which you would like the dialer to use based on the number of agents assigned to a playlist. The first slider will only allow you to increase the Calls Per Agent (CPA) whereas the other sliders you add will allow you to adjust both the Calls Per Agent (CPA) and the number of agents per slider. The total calls made is represented by "Calls" above each slider.