Recycling callbacks

Recycling callback

If an agent has been taking ownership of Profiles, then those Profiles will only be able to be called by that agent. If you'd like to remove these Profiles from the agent's files, you can Recycle that agent's callbacks.

  1. From the Dashboard, click on My Files in the My Account section.
  2. In the folder view, drag and drop a callback on to the Recycling Bin to send it to the last folder it was in before being moved here.
Can I recycle user callback files back into the dialer?

User callback files can be recycled back into the dialer by clicking on “Shared Files”. Next, select “Users”, then select the user folder where that user is located. Drag that user over to the recycle bin to recycle all their callbacks. A popup confirms the transfer of leads. Click “OK”. After recycling their callback files you can drag that user over to the trash bin just above the recycle bin to delete that user.

How do I delete a callback, and what happens if I do?

In order to delete a callback, a user must go to their My Files and drag the callback to the trash. A “Not Interested” call result is then applied to it, thereby scrubbing the lead and adding it to DNC list for one year.