Campaign settings

Campaigns are used in XenCALL for each different sales process. To open Campaign Settings:

  1. From the Dashboard, click on Leads in the Manage section.
  2. Click on the Campaigns tab and then click on the Campaign you want to adjust.

Campaign settings

  • Assigned DIDs are the Caller ID groups this Campaign will display when dialing out.
  • Assigned Scripts are the custom Scripts that will be shown on Leads originating from this Campaign.
  • Assigned Call Results are the Call Result buttons that will be available when your Agents interact with Leads from this Campaign.
  • Assigned TPV Buttons can also be locked to campaigns if the TPV app is loaded.
  • Profile Fields are the information fields that will be shown on Leads originating from this Campaign.

Campaign variables

Campaign variables are custom fields that can be used to place campaign-specific information into scripts or email templates.

File List

All uploaded lead lists are listed here with the most recent upload at the top. Moving your mouse over a list and clicking on Deactivate deactivates that list. Clicking on a list opens the Edit Lead File window where you can move the list to another campaign, export a progress file with all updated lead details and download an import result file.

What is a campaign?

A campaign is a way to upload leads to accept duplicates and call those duplicates seperately. Multiple campaigns are mainly used if you have two or more business models, products, or offers, and want to be calling the same leads for different reasons.

Can I use different campaigns?

Yes. You can put lead files into different campaigns to organize them. Some clients organize lead files by source, by target product, or by location. You don't need to have multiple campaigns, however, and if you are only selling one product, it may be easier to upload all leads into a single campaign, and create multiple playlists containing newer or older files to be called by different agents if you so choose.

Having one campaign instead of multiple may be more suitable for your specific business because if you upload a lead to one campaign, and then you happen to upload that same lead to another campaign, the system will not reject duplicated leads across different campaigns by default, which could cause confusion moving forward.

Eg. If you disposition the lead as an appointment for a later date, the dialer could still call that lead, again, before your appointment, because it would be calling it from a different campaign.

Leads are marked by ID tags, and when a lead is placed into the system twice in this manner, it will create a secondary lead ID tag. You can, however, ask for a CRM tweak to be turned on that will force the system to search all campaigns for any lead being uploaded. This would help prevent the duplication of a lead.

Do I need to assign DIDs/scripts/call results to my campaigns?

No. Any campaign which has nothing assigned to it will be able to use all of your DIDs/scripts/call results/profile fields by default. You should only use the assign feature if you want to make something unavailable to another campaign.

How do I change the speed of a campaign?

You cannot control the speed of a campaign, but you can control the speed of a playlist that has the campaign in it. To do this, you would click on "Leads" from the Dashboard, then "General Leads". You will see your list of playlists here. You will then look for the "Dialer Speed". Choose any of the speeds that are available in the system. If you want to know more about editing or creating custom speeds, please navigate to the "Speed settings" in the "Managing Campaigns" section of the help portal.

What does lead "Health" percentage mean?

Lead health is an approximation of how likely the leads in a playlist are to answer your calls. It's based on a combination of age and times called. Our default sorting algorithm is set to ensure your leads to be called up to five times as soon as possible, honoring the 'callback time' you've set in your "Not Available" call result, and then after every lead has been called five times, to call leads based on how long it has been since your last call - effectively giving your older leads a chance to have a break, to keep them active. This is done by increasing the health value of old leads, the longer it has been since you've called them. If your campaign has very little value to aged leads, such as a campaign based on a point-in-time event like turning off age for health insurance, please request from our support team to be put on to our "quickly aged leads" sorting algorithm.

All of my campaigns only have one lead file. Can I have a list of all of the files instead of having to click on each file in each campaign?

Unfortunately, the ability to download all leads from your system (referred to as a "Suppression List") isn't something you have access to. If you need to get all these leads downloaded into one lead file, please call technical support to setup a time when you would like this download to occur. We would need an appropriate time to do this when no one on your CRM is dialing or making calls because this could impact call quality, call delay, profiles coming up when connecting to a lead, and overall responsiveness of the system. After the download is complete, we can email you a link to access the download.
*Please note that if you have more than 250,000 leads in your system, the suppression list will come in multiple files. This is because the maximum amount of rows capable in Excel is 250,000. If you have less leads than this amount, the suppression list will come in one file.