Assign leads

You can create dynamic lists of leads based on the available leads in your database. These dynamic lists are called Playlists and the database is called General leads. When your Agents are set to Ready, the system will dial the leads you've assigned to them. Follow the instructions below to ensure that they are assigned to the leads that you desire.

Creating or editing a playlist

  1. From the Dashboard, click on Leads in the Manage section.
  2. Click on General Leads.
  3. To edit a playlist, click on the playlist's name, or to add one, click Add Playlist and give it a name. This opens the Lead Playlist Editor window.
  4. To select which leads to call, click one of the filters listed on the top of the window. These include calling leads in specific states, cities, lead files, campaigns and time zones.
  5. Drag the items from that filter in to the box titled Group 1.
  6. Click on Save to save the playlist and return to the General Leads queue.

Assigning agents to a playlist

  1. From the Dashboard, click on Leads in the Manage section.
  2. Click on General Leads.
  3. Click on the Add a queue member drop-down inside of the playlist that you want to assign a member to.
  4. Select the user, or group of users that you want to assign. If you want to assign all of your sales agents, choose Sales, which includes all types of sales agents.

Removing agents from a playlist

  1. From the Dashboard, click on Leads in the Manage section.
  2. Click on General Leads.
  3. Find the agent(s) queue membership line, in the right playlist.
  4. If there is an X icon, click on it to remove them.
  5. If there is not an X icon, they are added from a group membership, and you will need to either remove the group membership, or pause the agent with the pause button.

Setting up weighted round-robin distribution between multiple regions

  1. Follow the steps from Creating or editing a playlist to edit the playlist.
  2. Click the green + icon to add additional groups that will represent the regions you want your calls distributed from.
  3. Drag filters in to the additional groups
  4. Assign the weights on each group. A weight of 0 disables calls to that group. Three groups with a weight of 1, will call evenly between those three groups.
  5. Click on Save to save and return to the General Leads queue.
What do the different priority levels mean?

When in ready, agents receive calls from their highest priority playlist that has available leads. You can assign agents to multiple playlists. As an example, a high priority playlist might be assigned to call leads that have never been called, and only provided to your best agents, while everyone is in a lower priority playlist that calls leads that have been called more than once. In this situation, the agents assigned to the high priority list will receive calls from the leads that haven't been called until there are no more, and then they will start receiving the lower priority leads.

Why do I not see an 'X' next to a queue member when I need to remove them?

Users that are queue members due to a group membership do not have an 'X' next to their name. To remove them, you must remove the group that had been added to the queue that they are a part of (ex. Closers, Openers, etc), and then they will disappear from the queue. If you want to remove one user, but not an entire group, you can pause the user from that group without removing the group in its entirety.

What is a "User Folder" or "User Group" membership?

A User Folder membership is a folder of users. These are the folders listed in the "Manage: Users" app. If you add a User Folder to a queue, all users from that folder will be added in. However, they will not appear in the queue membership list if they are not signed in. Any user will have permissions inherited from the User Group to which they belong, but extra permissions can be added after a user has been created.

What does "Primary", "Backup", and "Tertiary" mean for the "Skill" level of a queue member?

When a call is made from the playlist, and answered, it is transferred to the playlist and sent to the agent who's been waiting the longest. The skill level is a way to bypass this for some users. If you have agents with multiple skill levels set, then the call will be sent to the queue member with the highest skill level (Primary) that is available, and between agents of that skill level, whomever has been waiting the longest. A call will never be sent to a queue member that is in Backup unless all Primary queue members are busy.

What happens if multiple playlists have the same priority?

If multiple playlists have the same priority, and the same agents assigned, then the system will round-robin between those playlists as it makes calls.

What does the "Queue default" speed mean? How can I change it?

The "Queue default" speed is the default speed for all your playlists and is set under the Configuration tab, which is also where you can change the speed settings. See the "Speed settings" help file for more information on how to do this. You can also override the speed setting for an individual playlist. For example, if your best leads need to be called 1-to-1 while your other playlists are dialed faster, you can do this by hovering your mouse over the speed setting for that playlist and choosing another preset.

How can I get to the Manage Leads / Lead Management page more quickly / consistently?

The "target" icon at the top left of your dashboard provides a relieable and quick way to access your leads as it doesn't change its position. Clicking the target icon will open the Manage Leads / Lead Management page. It is also worth noting that the buttons to the left and right of the target icon can also be used to quickly manage users and callbacks respectively.

How can I edit a playlist that already exists, and is already being dialed, more quickly?

On your Floor Map report, the legend contains a list of all agent groups, and the playlists that are currently assigned to them. You can click on a playlist name to edit the leads assigned in that playlist. Next to the playlist name on the floor map's legend, you can also see how many leads are remaining to be dialed, and the "round" of the playlist. You can also reset the leads of your playlist(s). Note that "Reset leads" will only appear if there are under 1000 available leads and there are more than 50 resettable leads when the total number of leads is greater than or equal to 4000. When the total number of leads is smaller than 4000, the "Reset Leads" button won't appear until more than 85% of the leads are resettable.

I have leads assigned to a playlist, but the playlist editor says "0 of 10000" available. It's before 8am on the east coast. What's happening?

If you hover over the available lead count, it says what we consider to be available. Currently, that is any lead that hasn't been called in 4 hours, that is not on your state DNC list, and is not time-restricted. By default, the State Do Not Call editor in Settings / Lead Management is set to prevent calls to leads when the time in the timezone that the lead is located in is before 8am or after 9pm. You can change these settings if you desire, but the leads will open up when they meet their time restrictions. Another time restriction is on the General Leads page's Configuration tab, which applies to all states.