Taking and logging a call

Taking a call

  1. On the drop-down menu at the top center of the screen change your availability mode to Ready.
  2. Once the dialer connects to a lead, the lead's profile will appear on your screen showing the phone number that was called on the top right and CRM information that has been added to that lead below it.
  3. In the middle of a profile on the Contact History tab is where agents can enter notes about the call. These notes will be saved when you log the call.

Logging a call

While on a lead's profile, you should see the Call Result window to the left of the profile which displays the call result buttons that you use to log the call.

Selecting a call result:

  1. Double clicking a call result button will log the call immediately with the default options. Note, call results transferring a lead to a queue with calendars enabled, like the appointments queue, can only be single clicked.
  2. Single clicking on a Call Result button will enable the agent to select different options from the defaults. After making their selections, agents can then click on the Submit call log button to log the call. Selections include Callback time, Appointment time, Email template, Pre-recorded message, and taking possession of the lead. For Callback Time select from the drop-down menu or alternatively, click the Use calendar checkbox beneath it to bring up that agent’s personal callback calendar where they can select a specific time in the future.

After logging a call: (Note: this step is only applicable if the call is still active.)

  1. Click End Call on the dial pad.
Will there be a beep when I receive a call?

By default, no; there will be no beep, and in some cases you won't even hear the lead say hello. You'll need to pay attention to the screen and see when it says "Talking" on the dial pad in the bottom right hand corner of XenCALL.

What should I do if I do not see the Call Results window when logging a call?

If the Call Results window is not visible, click on the “Log Call” button on the top right of the “Contact History” tab to make it visible. This will also display the call results buttons.

I double clicked a disposition, but I'm still on a call.

There are certain dispositions that still keep a call live. These can be customized to end the call when double clicked. Ask your manager if you feel a certain disposition should end a call after being double clicked. To end the call before your manager makes the change to the disposition, navigate to your dial pad in the bottom right corner and hit the end call button.

How does call quality rating work?

When you log a call, in the call results window below the dispositions, there are five stars for rating a call before you log it. Note: the rating system is only used for poor audio quality on the call, and should not be used for rating how poorly a call's sale attempt was.

How do I transfer a call to an outside line?

When you are on a call with someone, open the dial pad in the lower right corner of XenCALL and place them on hold first, then click the green '+' symbol below the CALL button to open a second line. Now you can dial a number on the dial pad to reach the outside line. Once you have done this, mention that you are going to merge the person on hold into a 3 way conference call. The MERGE button will be orange on the dial pad and this will place all three of you into a conference call. Then you tell the first person that was on the call that you have the person you dialed on Line 2 for them, then you hit END CALL and it hangs up the call for you while leaving the other two on a call together.

I am in ready mode, but the dialer says I am out of leads. What should I do?

You need to click on the text at the top-middle of XenCALL that says "out of leads/dialer paused" this will open a window on the left hand side of XenCALL. You will see playlists, and you need to make sure to select the playlist you want to call by clicking on the option box.