Signing in to XenCALL

This walk-through is intended for your first time signing in. Please follow each step for your first sign-in; afterwards, your previous settings will be remembered.

Signing in

  1. Open Google Chrome and navigate to the URL provided by your Manager.
  2. On the Login page, enter the login credentials provided by your Manager.
  3. Click Sign in.
  4. If this is your first time signing in, follow all instructions in the rest of this document.

Connecting your phone

  1. The first time you login, you will see a pop-up window asking to Use your microphone. Click Allow.
  2. A New communications devices popup box will appear in the bottom left corner of your screen and your headset make and model will be listed.
  3. An automated connection test will run, which displays in the bottom right hand corner.

Test your phone

  1. Wait for your Phone status connected to show in the bottom right hand corner of the window.
  2. Hover over the phone status to open the dialpad
  3. Enter 0030 and click Call.
  4. When you hear a beep, speak. When you stop talking, you should hear what you said repeated back to you; if you do not, then your headset may not be working.

Change your password

  1. From the Dashboard, click on Settings in the My Account section
  2. Click My Account, to open your user profile.
  3. In the box to the right of Reset password to:, type your new password.
  4. Click on the Reset button.
  5. Click on the X in the top right of your user profile to close it.
When I try to sign in, "Bad account information" is displayed. Why is this happening?

"Bad account information" will appear when you are trying to sign in with an incorrect username and/or password. Double check your log in credentials, then ask your manager to reset your password.

Is a wired USB headset required?

A wired USB headset is required to meet XenCALL’s hardware requirements per XenCALL’s terms of service. XenCALL will work with analog headsets, however, these have much more frequent cross-talk, echo and volume related issues. Analog headsets will often break due to cords being wrapped, stepped on, rolled over with a chair, and other factors. If you are experiencing audio problems with an analog headset, first try using a wired USB headset to see if that resolves the problem.

Why is "Phone not connected" displayed in red at the top of XenCALL?

This is because you have the phone option set to external phone. Sign out and slide your mouse cursor to the right of the "Recommended Browsers" icons to reveal the phone setting options. From there, select "Web Phone 'WebRTC' " and sign back in.

How can I change my password?

To change your account password, click on "My Settings" then click on "My Account." Next, enter your new password in the "Reset password to" field and click on the "Reset" button. If you are trying to sign in, but do not remember your password, a user with admin privileges (such as a manager) may reset the password on your behalf.

What are the system requirements?

The following are the system requirements for XenCALL to work properly: 1) You must have a landline internet connection. 2) The computer is hardwired to the network (router, switch, or modem). 3) Use a USB headset. 4) Dual core processor OR a dedicated video card with a single core processor, 4GB Ram, Windows 7+/Mac OSX 10.12: "Sierra" and the latest version of Google Chrome.

What if my headset is not listed?

XenCALL does not have a list of known working headsets for XenCALL. You can get any wired USB headset that is compatible with your operating system.

What if my headset is not working?

Make sure that you are using a wired USB headset. Try unplugging and plugging the USB headset or use a different USB port. If those suggestions fail, we recommend that you contact our support line to efficiently troubleshoot your headset issue over the phone.

What if the “Phone Status” in the bottom right corner does not display Connected?

Move your mouse over “Phone Status” to make the dial pad pop-up. Click on the wrench located at the lower right of the dial pad to configure your headset. If this issue persists contact XenCALL technical support.

One of my agents cannot log in with their username and password.

From the dashboard under Manage, select Users, and double click the user in question. Type the new password into the reset password text box and hit reset.