Predictive-Dialer Software

Outbound-Dialing Solutions for Your Call Center

What Is a Predictive Dialer?


A predictive-dialer system is an autodialer for making outbound sales calls to increase productivity in call centers and telemarketing offices. XenCALL's outbound predictive dialer with blended inbound capabilities automatically calls multiple numbers simultaneously, based on customizable priority rules for leads and dialing lists, connecting only live answers to your agents while adjusting to agent availability to maximize efficiency.

With XenCALL's advanced predictive dialer, you can improve sales and telemarketing conversions by up to 300%. Enhance customer service and reduce operational costs by empowering your agents to spend more time talking to clients, customers or leads, without the hassle of manually dialing phone numbers or even listening to busy signals, not-in-service messages, ringtones or voicemails.


Predictive-Dialer Benefits


Boost Inside Sales With Customizable VoIP-Dialer Features



Caller-ID Proximity Matching

Automatically own and display local area codes for your targeted regions to personalize cold calls and drive sales.

Automated Speed Controls

Custom call-abandonment thresholds and calls-per-agent ratios so your predictive-dialer technology works for you.

Built-In CRM

Manage leads strategically with a pre-integrated CRM in your predictive dialer to determine call results and track lead data.

Web-Based Predictive Dialing with XenCALL


Cloud Dialer = No Downloads and No Installation



Improve ROI with Outbound Predictive Dialing

Triple agent talk time and drastically enhance the efficiency of your call center with XenCALL. From dynamic lead targeting to customizable DNC lists, blended inbound-dialing features, analytics data and patented sales-floor monitoring, XenCALL’s all-in-one VoIP predictive dialer and CRM delivers maximum value to help your company’s bottom line.