Built-In CRM Call Center

Integrated CRM Application to Optimize Your Call Center

What Is a CRM?


A software platform for customer-relationship management (CRM) enables you to analyze customer data and touchpoints at all stages of both the customer lifecycle and the sales funnel. XenCALL’s built-in CRM effortlessly blends customer management with predictive dialing to empower your sales team or telemarketing department to close more leads and upsell ongoing customers with ease.

XenCALL’s unique telemarketing CRM tool is specifically designed to complement our patented predictive-dialing software for a seamless CRM integration with your call center. Manage, customize and prioritize lead profiles, calendars, customer dispositions, dialing queues, dialing lists and more, all in the same dashboard, to optimize account-based sales techniques.

CRM Benefits


Improve Efficiency With Lead Management and Predictive Dialing in One Platform



Customize Profile Fields

Personalize form fields and customer data, with built-in import/export options, to enhance account-based sales.

Advanced Lead Targeting

Establish custom dialing criteria based on lead data and CRM settings to tailor your outbound dialing and increase sales.

No Downloads Required

XenCALL’s best-of-breed CRM is built directly into and synchs with your predictive dialer; no downloads or add-ons required.

Cloud-Based CRM Contact Center with XenCALL


Customer-Relationship Management Software Designed for Outbound Sales


Contact center sales rep on headset prepared to make a sales call.


Improve ROI with a Native Dialer-CRM System

Seize upon XenCALL’s unique competitive advantage and significantly improve your call center’s efficiency with an all-in-one predictive dialer and CRM. XenCALL’s CRM call-center software integrates lead data and customer profiles with blended inbound/outbound dialing for full customization options in your sales team’s workflow processes.