Automatic Call Distribution Software

ACD System for Call Centers

What Is Automatic Call Distribution?


An ACD phone system for call centers routes incoming phone calls to sales agents and customer-service reps. XenCALL’s advanced CTI software offers an advanced ACD system to intelligently match incoming calls with the best agent possible, utilizing forward-thinking ACD queue strategies and integrated interactive-voice responses (IVR) with powerful supplementary features, including an API integration with third-party, live-transfer lead sources, inbound lead posting and intelligent inbound-queue strategies.

Increase productivity and streamline the customer journey with a skills-based or availability-based routing system for call centers of any size. Combine multiple inbound numbers and campaigns into the same queues and assignments without losing campaign associations, and pair campaigns and numbers for easy campaign tracking. Optimize sales channels with XenCALL’s ACD-routing software in the cloud so your agents can excel whether at a single call center, multiple call centers or as at-home call agents.


Dialer and ACD Benefits


Find the Cloud-ACD Solution to Increase Agent Efficiency



Unlimited Inbound Queues

Configure simultaneous, multiple inbound queues to route calls to a single agent or groups of agents.

Custom ACD-Queue Strategies

Prioritize agent tiers, round-robin queues and next-available statuses or IVR-sync to best service leads and customers.

Route Calls to Any Agent

Select ring configurations to distribute to agents anywhere with XenCALL’s cloud-based predictive-dialer CRM.

Combined ACD with Predictive Dialing to Drive Sales


Best ACD Technology with In-House Tech Support and No Contracts


Agent taking an inbound call routed to him from an ACD system.


Improve ROI with Automatic Call Distribution

Take advantage of powerful inbound-queue configurations and an ACD-telephony solution at your call center for optimal value and business efficiency. XenCALL’s unique predictive dialer blends inbound and outbound dialing features with an enhanced, built-in CRM to offer the complete package for your contact center.