Powerful Sales Technology

XenCALL has over 82 outstanding Call Center applications to help grow and run your organization to its fullest potential.

Maximize your sales

An intelligent software that predicts which lead is most likely to close and which agent is most likely to close it.

Unified CRM & VOIP solution

Simplify your infrastructure with XenCALL's Cloud-Based, Browser Based, All-In-One CRM & VOIP solution. No Downloads = No hassles.

100% North
American Support

With XenCALL's 100% On-Shore Support and Development teams, there are

  • No Gaps In Communication
  • No Time-zone Differences
  • No More Frustrating Support Calls

Lower your overhead

By streamlining and automating your administrative tasks

Increasing productivity

Be proactive and have the ability to look at the right reports and know how well any department or team is performing

All in one place

Our motto is "think big", we love integrating and building new tools to give you everything you need, in one place.

XenCALL Features

  • Lead Playlists

    Dynamically build new lists from all of your leads, to assign to your sales teams.

  • Third Party Verification

    Direct server-to-server connectivity with TrustedTPV and VoiceLog Verification systems.

  • Leads API

    Easy-to-integrate third party lead posts, receive live leads from Norvax, Precise, NextGen Leads, Katch, amongst others.

  • Automatic speed controls

    Optimize your wait times with fine-grain speed controls that allow you to customize your call ratios based on the number of available agents.

  • Customer Management

    Full Customer Relationship Management capabilities to help each customer through your sales workflow.

  • Live scripts

    Variable replacement allows your agents to read what they see, and type answers directly in to their script.

  • Report dashboard

    Build your own dashboard of various reports, and reload it with a single click.

  • Complete IVR

    Fully customizable IVR menus help you manage your inbound calls.


Featured integrations
"Stop costly class action lawsuits at the source. Decrease your risk of costly TCPA and Do Not Call violations while increasing business performance with our suite of cloud-based compliance products. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with XenCALL and provide the ultimate in safe harbor protection from vexatious litigators. "
Ryan Thurman, with Contact Center Compliance DNC.com